THANK YOU PARENTS! PLEASE NOTE:some of your comments and your children's too, are now enthroned front and centre in our blog- thank you for taking the time to respond. Your input is welcomed and appreciated. We are constantly adjusting our program to meet your needs as much as we possibly can - please call Claudia or Andrea, and let us know your concerns and suggestions at any time!
Some students, due to careful and consistent practice, and encouraged by their parents, are gaining confidence and increased expertise. Much is yet to be done-some are not reading their new music well yet, so start by having your child mark in the note names and/or finger numbers. With this  process they become more familiar with the notes they are reading, and eventually they don't need these crutches. WHATEVER WORKS to give them confidence is the motto at this point! The practice you encourage now is a gift to your child and is NEVER wasted! Be gentle and persistent - make it part of your daily routine.

1.For perfect RH and LH position: Scales of D and G make sure fingers are on tapes, listen for the correct tuning on every note.
2. Lightly Row- practice daily , with note name sheet if needed, then gradually learn to work without the notes. FOR CONCERT performance
3. AFS Book : from 51 to 61  Play each exercise two times. Name the notes first for each one. Do one to two exercises/day.
4. TWINKLES Long bows- Review Daily
                        MRS SIPPI Hot Dog, MRS SIPPI MRS SIPPI - upper half of bow.
1. Scales for perfect position and tuning: G and D scales
2.AFS book: review up to 109.
3. March from Scipio for CONCERT-work carefully on counting
4. NEW Over the Rainbow- for the concert work most on arco parts- they are the melody ! write in the note names if needed, till you know them well.
5. review #75 Concert Song- for Concert, with Level 1-YOU are the leaders!
Each day try to improve any challenging parts of  two or three of any of the following pieces:
1. scale of F major and Handel AIR
Definite Concert pieces: 3 solo accompaniments:
2. Vivaldi Concerto, 2. Gabriel's Oboe, (3.Let it Go-do not practice yet- till key is confirmed).
3.Handel Water Music: Allegro and Hornpipe
4.Over the Rainbow
5.Chariots of Fire


An OPEN LETTER to MATT students:

My Dear Students,
If you ever feel that practising is hard, or annoying, or no fun, think again!
It's because you practice that you are beginning to make Beautiful music!

 Remember :
"Nothing good in life is achieved without lots of dedication, persistence and plain hard work."

The rewards of playing a stringed instrument are huge! They are life-transforming even! And they bring benefits which help in every area of your life- from school grades to group projects to social connections and travel opportunities.
Keep on practicing 20min to an hour every day. Practice is interesting if you  focus on a specific goal for each thing you practice. Play one difficult bar till it's perfect: for example,
  • correct notes
  • smooth bowing
  • perfect tuning
  • correct counting
  • beautiful sound
  • correct dynamics (loud and soft)
IT's EASY to get good-JUST PRACTICE!
with much love to each and every one of you,
Ms. Currie

try to make sure your young musician gets to as many live concerts as possible
THIS is the last one of the Season. Claudia needs to have your payment by Tuesday .

MATT JUNE CONCERTS will require special LONGER class times so students can 
beginning May  20TH:
LEVEL 2 Please bring your child 30 minutes ahead class -arrive 4:15, play at 4:30
Arrive 5:15 START 5:30 FINISH between 6:45 -7pm

Level 1:
NB: check for perfect position each time you play something!
1. AFS Book: 38 then 41 to 51  ! !   Play each exercise twice-2 or 3X each day.
Check for:
  • correct notes
  • smooth bowing
  • perfect tuning
  • correct counting
  • beautiful sound
2.Scale of D and G (one each day)- beautiful long bows
3. Lightly Row- play parts over until you can play without music! You have a few weeks to carefully work on each part.
4. Twinkles: Long Bows, then, ELBOW bowing :-start at middle and do DOWN BOW (to tip): Mississippi Hotdog   and  Mississippi, Mississippi 
5. Canon- notes

for variety and fun: if you have time review one thing each practice time eg Long Long Ago or string cycle(0-1)a different Twinkle I stop and you stop and run pony Mary had little lamb
Level 2: Use the tips above for productive practice
1. March from Scipio- work on the whole thing, BUT do just a few bars each day and repeat. vln 1:Start with bar 4  then the beginning through to repeat sign. Then next day start with bar 6, next time bar 7. Get your teacher to help. Then ihe rest quite easy!
2. Chariots
3. AFS Book:
4. Canon- 5 minutes only
5. Rosa Lee and Concert Song #75
Level 3
Work in order of need:
"Air "Scale of F major- mark flats and naturals in pencil, then remove once learned
Vivaldi  smooth and long notes, soft as a cloud- 2 hair bowing except for bars 1 to 4 , 7-8 and the last 5 bars VERY IMPORTANT : you must be able to hear Kalpi (Ryan)or play softer till you can!
Gabriel's Oboe- bars 27-30 count and learn . Plus get good at the rest too!
Chariots, Rainbow Allegro and Hornpipe
  ENJOY!! You are doing WELL!


YES! We are in training. With our June Concerts coming, we can all make a special effort to PREPARE: the goal is to be able to have fun playing all your music in class and especially at the concert

HOW do you train for real improvement and enjoyment?
  • practice every day if you can, but certainly no less than 4 times per week
  • pick a regular time of day to practice and stick with it 
  • check out those practice charts-they are designed to help you FOCUS your practice and understand how to really improve!
  • in class mark the parts you need to work on most, so you don't forget
  • ask your private teacher to help you fix those tricky parts 
                                                         IT"S UP TO YOU!

Level 1:
1.Review #36 and 37
2.NEW AFS #38: Mary had a little lamb
3. NEW :Continue in book to #44 the notes are the same, but get more comfortable saying and playing them in different combo's.
4. CONCERT SONGS: 1.Lightly Row
            2. Twinkles: Long bows- smooth and perfectly in tune( round fingers , on tapes)upper half of bow, start DOWN BOW:  Mrssippi Mrssippi, MrssippiHot dog         

Level 2:
 1. #84 O Come Little Children- the whole thing (A) Start at middle UP BOW to frog, then
(B)  do long and short bows correctly, (C) REPEAT! -then you've GOT IT!
2. review #97 to 101
3. Review #127  counting "1 and 2 and" in each bar
4. NEW: March from Scipio. review bars 1 to 4. violins remember to count 1 and 2 and for short notes (eighth notes as in #127
5. NEW: Canon, practice / learn your notes  Mark in finger #'s if needed(pencil)
6 Concert Song $75 for the concert!

Level 3:
1.Practice tips: (a).fill in your charts for cues for practice 2(b)play the scale before each piece
2. Scale of F- Handel Air continue through to the end
3. CONCERT PIECES: Allegro, Scipio, Chariots, Hornpipe, Vivaldi Concerto,
4. NEW: Gabriel's Oboe- very smooth bowing PRACTICE Bars 27 to 30 MOST!

                                   HAVE A VERY GOOD WEEK OF MUSIC MAKING!



PARENT NOTES: 1.Thank you for your Rose Concert comments - 2 or 3 so far- it's really fun to hear what the children have to say, so "Gypsy" concert-goers, please ask your little one to respond to the recent comment sheet. Either they write, or you write their comments as you discuss them. And your own comments are very valuable, so please bring'em on!

COMING EVENTS: Please pencil these dates in .
June 10th Towers Concert:  Dress rehearsal  for ALL students 4pm, CONCERT 5pm
June 3rd Class adjustments to accommodate combined concert groups-TBA
Saturday,June 21st -tentative mid-day concert(s) at SW Mall times TBA

2. Comments about the MATT program: We are seeking funding at the moment, hoping to build a base for our program's continuation into the future. We felt that parent comments' about  the value of the program for your child, would be helpful. Please do write a couple of sentences about this, if you feel inclined to do so.

3. And we are always working towards increased contact with people who may wish to enroll their children. We take their names and numbers now, and contact them at registration time. If you know any such families, please pass on a brochure to them.
Fall Promotion:  I would like to have a couple of our Level 3's playing with me as I do my annual Brampton Towers promotion in September-I arrive by 3pm and stay till about 3:30 on 4 different days. More on that later.

LEVEL 1 Parents please ensure your young one practices 4 or 5 times per week, with your watchful eye on correct positions. If they are losing their excellent position habits, they will find it harder to undo bad habits than just continuing the good ones they started with!
Write each item on the practice chart as they do it: Do one of each of the below each day and make sure you laugh and enjoy your time together, while correcting and perfecting!
Scales- D and G For excellent placement of fingers and full bows
Twinkles- upper half(start Down bow) -use elbow-on Msrippi Mrsippi , and Mrsippi Hotdog
nice smooth bowing on theme, and long short short for Run Pony
Song- Long Long Ago, Lightly Row
AFS Book- review #30, NEW #32  continue to #37 and #38 READING .the notes, not playing by ear.

We are moving ahead with reading
1. AFS BOOK Work on #84 O Come Little Children -start at middle of bow and go UP to frog, then long short short etc. .Everyone will play bars 1 to 4 Tuesday to make sure you've got it. The rest is  more of the same!
2. Review #92- .
3.NEW this week SLURS #94 smooth::downdown uuup COOL!!! That's why string instruments sound so smooth-they do SLURS
Continue on to #97
For fun play Concert Song(for the concert ), Rosa Lee and Beethoven's 5th

Handel Air:  F major scale first then nice and gentle -count those long notes carefully
NEW Vivaldi Concerto in D: Two notes joined . Very gentle . with PERFECT TUNING!!

REVIEW: Rainbow, Hornpipe, Allegro, Chariots
Enjoy long free bows and beautiful sound on  ALL these pieces!


Front Seats at the Orchestra Concert!

Welcome to all students and their families
who will be attending the GYPSY VIOLIN CONCERT!
Saturday Night at the Rose Theater-8pm
We are ALL happy to have families and children at the concert. And we hope not to disturb any other audience members during the performance,
Just a couple of tips and suggestion to help keep the children listening and watching. Most of you will be front and center-
GREAT seats!- to be able see the string players and especially the GYPSY VIOLINIST!
                        1.   Silence during the music is a MUST. But during the applause you can talk a moment till the next announcement and music comes.
                         2. If you find you need to take a break for the sake of a small child, try to wait for applause and dash out. But if the child is too noisy during the music, just sneak out at any time.
                         3. DO show your appreciation with applause at the end of a piece-(when the conductor turns to face the audience) 
                          4. Watch the details of your favorite instrument player- you can learn A LOT from watching hands, arms, positions, etc. It's like a very relaxing lesson on how to play!
                          5. Lots to see!. Notice the other winds and percussion instruments behind the strings- how many of each -what their names are, what their sound is like, etc.
                          6. Lots to hear! try closing your eyes and listening- sounds different!
                          7. At the end of the soloists's pieces or the whole concert, it is customary to keep clapping till the soloist or orchestra come back and play one more (usually short) piece- the "encore". And we LOVE it when people express their enjoyment by standing while they clap at the end of the concert!
I'll look for you in the lobby at intermission!!
Have your questions ready!
Thanks for coming to the ROSE Orchestra Concert
HOMEWORK This week
Level 3:
1. Careful listening and drilling on tricky parts of all pieces . Use the scales to really listen to yourself and to perfect tuning.
2. Work to include  correct bowings so that your bow matches the others in your section.
3. Use your Practice Guide to help you find and learn the hardest parts, and show your teachers where you need most help.
We are working most on Air, first part (with scale of F major) D Major scale: Hornpipe, Rainbow, Boogaloo, Allegro
                                                                 Level 2:
1. Scales D and G 1 or 2 octaves as before.
2. Review Rosa Lee
3. AFS Book:   NEW # 84 Start UP bow at middle
4. Review #75 Concert Song, #79 Duet, 85,86,89
        Keep up the practice and DON'T FORGET YOUR PRACTICE CHARTS
                                                                 Level 1
1. Scales: D and G: Check positions: bow grip, bow tilts away from nose, violin on shoulder
2. Review: Lightly Row, Long Long Ago
3. Twinkles
4. AFS Book Review 23, 25 from class
5. NEW #26 d, e (open D and first finger)-same as D scale first 2 notes. Watch the notes go up and down from d to e and back
6.Continue practising reading these two notes 27, 28   to #29 "FLASHY FIRST"
                                           Have fun with your reading!
                                        KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!

GYPSY VIOLIN CONCERT at the Rose Theatre

PARENTS are REMINDED of the opportunity to attend a very special concert
We are hoping to have a large group of our MATT families there for this one!
Make sure you let Claudia know how many tickets you need-at our LOW LOW rates!
Adult:$20, 4 children inclusive for $10.00  Don't delay!

PARENT REQUEST-to help our program!!
Andrea Currie and the MATT Board are currently seeking additional funding from businesses and service groups in our Brampton neighbourhood.
In order to show community support for the Music at the Towers program, we would appreciate a written paragraph by parents, explaining why you value the program for your child and/or for the community. We will include some of these with our submission requests.

 These need not be fancy or long, but would simply state that your child is participating (for so many months or years) and include your views how it contributes to your child's education, self-esteem, social skills, self discipline etc.
Please date and sign your comments and hand them in within a week if possible.

This week's HOMEWORK:


Remember to use your "Practice Guide" to find, and record your study areas
-bring to class and lessons
Scales- NEW: F major- no sharps, add Bb- 1 octave
             Shifting practice in 2 octave scales: G major cello and viola
                                                                       D major- violins
                                                                       C major-violins stretch B C at top of scale
Pieces: for careful study- Boogaloo: rhythms- in sections
                                            Hornpipe- careful tuning, Baroque bowing style- quarters short
                                 NEW: Air from Handel's  Water Music-  in F major no sharps, add Bb
                                                           learn correct notes and bowings first few bars
                                 Also    Over the Rainbow- perfect non-pizz areas
                                            March from Scipio- quick march tempo, correct notes /rhythms 
                                            Allegro- review to reinforce correct notes, style and rhythms
                                            Chariots of Fire- review
                                                                    LEVEL 2
Scales- one octave G, D major
            SMOOTH SHIFTING- Sliding whole hand , with thumb, NO jumping!
                                          two octaves-violas and cellos- G major .
                                          two octaves- violins- D Major .
AFS BOOK- review #75  Concert Song
                  NEW for homework reading practice- #76,77,78
                            for class duet performances # 79: learn both parts A and B
SONGS: review Rosa Lee, reading sheet music
                            Long Long Ago- check R and L Hand positions, long and short bows
                            Lightly Row  smooth bowing
                           Twinkles- especially "elbow bowing"-upper half -MrssippiMrssippi's 
                                                                   LEVEL 1
Scales :  G major, D major
Twinkles - especially "elbow bowing"-upper half - MrssippiMrssippi's 
Lightly Row - careful division of bow- shortshort,long
review: Long, long ago
AFS Book: review # 13, then# 16
work ahead- #17 new string: E violin, C for viola/cello
                     - continue #18, 19 (in PENCIL only)



Congratulations to all you Young Players who are moving forward consistently!
you know who you are!
See what practice does? IT SHOWS!!
And just think-if you are at home this week, you can move ahead even faster, and have lots of play time left to spare!!
and maybe even alarm clocks!!

HOMEWORK for the next 2 weeks: see below
1. There are no MATT classes or lessons during March Break-check your new March calendars for correct lesson dates and times
2. TUES March 18 (next class) is the deadline for GYPSY VIOLIN CONCERT for this one we can arrange seats up close for interested families! PLEASE don't miss it!
3. LAST FEES for the year Session 3 are due next class March 18th PLEASE pay on time
HOMEWORK for the next 2 weeks
Level 1
1.ELBOW ACTION: start at middle , use upper half of bow.:
                                     TWINKLES:Miss hotdog and Miss Missippi
2. SCALES: D and G
3. AFS BOOK: continue on through #12 and ONWARD!!
4. Lightly Row, ALL lines till the end
         Long Long Ago.
Play a concert for you family !!!
Level 2
1. Scale of G, 2 octaves: Start on open G, go up 16 notes and back.
                             Slide the whole hand with thumb, as a unit when shifting  NO JUMPING! 
2. Scale of D 1 octave: work on perfect tuning and smooth notes -no stopping of sound
3. AFS Book: NEW #75 Concert Song
4. Rosa Lee, Beethoven 9th
                             Look at all the stuff you can play! Play a concert for someone!

Level 3
1. Scales: one octave :C major ( Boogaloo) low c's and f's Drill small segments for correct counting and confidence
Advanced techniques to be practised! (Get your teacher to help)
SHIFTING: Practice sliding the whole hand as a unit smoothly-no jumping!
                  two octaves: D major (Hornpipe, Allegro, Over the Rainbow)
                                          G major ( Chariots)
VIBRATO:  Step 1: slow sliding of whole forearm and hand as one solid unit up and down string, using elbow motion only- release pressure on fingers, but let them touch the strings in normal hand position. Don't worry about step 2 and 3 yet- just get good at step 1!
2. Use the new chart to find, study and fix tricky parts of each piece above. - will be looking at those net class. Have them ready with your questions and problems to solve next class!
                  You are developing a lot of new pieces- some to be used in June concert
                                                          MORE TO COME
                                          HAPPY MARCH BREAK EVERYONE!